Event Videos - 2013

Here you will find a number of videos that we recorded over the years in various venues across Sussex.

Just click on a year below to see the videos from that year.

A One Hour Video – My Musical Year 2012

January 2013

Featuring film I took of four of my favourite musician / entertainers: Pete Morton / Anna Ryder / Sussex based folk group Touchstone / Nick Pynn and Kate Daisy Grant (footage all used with their permission).

It also includes film of me singing “They Were The Few” (Barry Turner and my song about The Battle of Britain) and some lovely footage of two Irish Sessions in Kenmare, Co Kerry, last Summer, plus some video taken of The Hat Band (James Morris and me) in Sussex and Denmark and some evidential moments of my new hobby…Bellringing.

I have included me singing the song I wrote for my late departed friend Harry Mousdell and the end of this film too.

It was certainly a super year for music…hope you enjoy it and a big “thank you” to you all for your support.

Alice Kelly Purnell OBE – Her Life and Her Poetry – Part 1

July 2013

I first met Alice way back in 1985 when she attended the weekly folk club I ran at Nobles Wine Bar in Brighton.

As well as singing folk music we encouraged people to contribute poetry as a floor spot and this was a greatly loved part of our evening’s entertainment. Alice’s poetry was extremely popular as she covered sensitive and amusing subjects with style and a twinkle in her eye.

Over the years she has had published several anthologies of her poems and now she has amalgamated many of them into one large book entitled “Be The Flame Not The Moth” published by The Golden Flower Press. ISBN 978 09527988 1 1.

This video is one of two filming Alice Kelly Purnell OBE reciting selective poems of hers from this book. She sets the scene by telling us of aspects of her life and thoughts.

She is indeed a rare person who has seen the ups and downs of life. She has many interests and hobbies in life and her poetry is related to them.

It is Happy, Sad, Poignant, Nostalgic, Descriptive, and above all Truthful. She paints her picture and tells her story with amazing clarity.

Sit back and enjoy this video…it is a rare insight into an unique person and someone I am proud to call a friend. To order a copy of this video or discuss it please contact Alice on her email alicepublications@gmail.com or visit her website :

Alice Kelly Purnell OBE – Her Life and Her Poetry – Part 2

July 2013

This is Part 2 of Alice’s Poetry which further explores her innermost thoughts and delves deeply into many of the subjects that makes her tick including her love of fossils.

I have added one of my songs: “Spec of Time” from my CD “Songs of Life” (Hat Records HATCD027) to support her love of fossils and reinforce the thought that our lives upon this earth are but a mere Spec of Time compared to the age of fossils in this world.

To order a copy of Alice’s poetry or to discuss any aspects of this video please email: alicepublications@gmail.com or visit her website

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