Making CDs

In 1998 I was asked to record a local Folk Club and make a CD. This was by way of an experiment which has now led on to my being able to record, mix and postmaster, design, produce and duplicate CDs for anyone. I use an 8-track digital minidisc for external recording and / or my PC here at Hat Records to do direct recording.

This means that initially the recording is totally mobile and I can come to you at the venue of your choice which gives you the options to record at home or at a place that will give you maximum comfort, convenience and minimum stress! After that first recording session all the additional recordings and add-ons are at my studio here in Southwick, West Sussex.

The subsequent production and postmastering can utilise up to 96 tracks on my specially designed PC and as I am a one-man production band this means that you will get that concentrated individual attention to the minutest detail and will end up with a first-class CD.

Over the last nine or so years “HAT RECORDS” has successfully completed 54 CDs. I have recorded Folk Clubs, Individual Folk artists, Duos, Trios, Folk Bands, Rock / Blues Bands, Brass Bands, Youth Bands, Singer / Songwriters and an Opera Singer! My little acorn has grown and now with all the right equipment I can honestly say that I can make a CD for anybody as good as there is and without costing you ‘the earth’!

As I am a one-man band my overheads are low so I can pass this on to you in the form of a cracking good price for what you get! Also I do not stipulate minimum quantities which means you can order as little as 20 CDs at a time and keep on re-ordering in small quantities to suit your budget.

If you are thinking about making a CD why not give me a ring or e-mail me and we can discuss your individual requirements.

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