Sussex Folk Archive

This is my very special Sussex Folk Photo Gallery which depicts many characters (some now sadly passed away) during my time on the folk scene starting in Brighton around 1985:

If your name is on this list you will see a picture of yourself and hopefully a smile will come on your face… So click on one of the three links below to reveal tons of photos of the faces and ‘hairstyles’ of the past twenty years or so and all those memories! That’s what life’s all about!

Aine King
Alan White
Alice Kelly Purnell
Andy Irvine
Anna & Brian
Anna Ryder
Anthony Hodgson
Beggar’s Velvet
Bernie & Pat
Big John Mitchell
Big Roger
Bing Lyle
Blues Jim Daniels
Bob Copper
Bob Lewis
Brian Dowdall
Broken Ankles
Charlotte Oliver
Chris Littledale
Chris Mansell
Claire Lonsdale
Colin Baker
Dan Quinn
Dave & Gilly Dyke
Dave Hodge
Derry Morris
Don Sales
Duncan Campbell

Eric Bogle & John Munroe
Eva Hewitt
Frank Mcmahon
Fred & Bins
Fred Baxter
George Oakley
Gordon Hall
Gossip Corner
Hazel Fairchild
Ian Fyvie
Ian Marchant
Ivor George
Jane Graham
Jill Hockmuth
Jim Goudy
Jim Marshall
John Collyer
John Copper
John Dron
John Dyer
John Joseph
John Kirkpatrick
Joy & Gordon Allen
Judy Krolic
Kangaroo Moon
Kluggers The Barred
Knots Of May
Lee Nicholson

Leslie Smith
Mad John
Maria Cunningham
Marion Langton
Mark Robson
Mark Wellgate
Martin Carthy
Martin Gould
Martin Wyndham-Reid
Michael Munday
Mike Groves
Miles Wootton
Nick Burbridge
Nigel Mealing
Noel Dumbrell
Paul Holden
Paul Metsers
Paul Newman
Pete Morton
Peter & Iris Sampson
Printers Measure
Rana & Tony Hurst
Rene & Alan Mariott
Richard Spong
Rob & Louise Horton
Roddy & Mac Turner

Roger Brazier
Ron & Doris Spicer
Roy Nash
Sandra Goddard
Simon & Leslie Watt
Spring Chickens
Steve & Francis Royston
Stuart Coupe
Terry & Kathy Lees
Terry Masterson
The Copper Family
The Motley Band
Tim Ash
Tim O’Leary
Tina Smith
Tony Burke
Tony Graham
Tony Hobden
Tony Kingston
Trevor Littledale
Two For The Road
Val Kent
Val Wagstaff
Vic Smith
Will Duke

…and many many more!

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