P: 3 Songs by Adrian Palmer
Sussex, UK
May 2011

Sussex-based new singer / songwriter Adrian Palmer gives us three of his self-penned songs which cover wide and varied subjects. His first song is “Guerilla Gardeners” which touches on the illegal cultivation of someone else’s wasteland, usually covertly. Adrian supports this action and this motivated him to write about it. See www.guerillagardeners.org. The next, simply entitled “Montana” is about a certain business female who used her charm and femininity to achieve her work targets at the expense of male feelings! The third song is “I’m a Beachcomber” which is self-explanatory . Adrian’s easy guitar style compliments his songs and there are more in the pipeline especially as he is visiting several Sussex folk clubs in the weeks and months to come. Thank you, Adrian, keep up the good work.
Just as an additional note…those of you who know me will recognise the ‘lovely female’ in “Montana” and know how much feeling I had and still have for her.