K: Tim Kent sings "They were The Few" with The Petworth Town Band on 24th March 2012
Billingshurst, West Sussex, UK
March 2012

This new song “They Were The Few” is about The Battle of Britain. It was conceived and written by Barry Turner and Tim Kent. The Musical arrangement for Brass / Wind Band is by Richard Baker. This is its first world public performance with a wind band backing the vocals. Tim Kent sings the song with The Petworth Town Band during a charity concert at Billingshurst Village Hall on Saturday 24th March 2012. The audience of around 120 were very appreciative to hear this new song about such an important event for Britain in World War Two. As this new song is scored for both Brass and Wind Bands we would like it to be played by many bands and singers throughout this land. We also wish that the RAF Band will play it too and hope it will be quickly accepted as a “National Standard”. Thank you to The Petworth Town Band for all their hard work in getting this song launched!
Thanks also to Theodora Wentworth for filming this video…and to her Mum for excellent trumpet playing too!
Barry, Richard and I hope you like this song and we dedicate it to all those brave men who took part in The Battle of Britain way back in 1940. This song was originally recorded by Barry and Tim (aka Harveys Boys) way back in 2004 on a CD entitled Harveys Best HATCD046…(see my Hat Records part of this website).
PS…Barry, Richard and I would be really happy for this special song “They were The Few” to be played all over this country on radio, TV, live in concerts and especially by The RAF Band and similar bands too…I have the score for all if anyone is interested…email me: tim@hatmusic.co.uk