T: Touchstone 20th Anniversary Concert at Crawley Folk Festival 25th June 2011
Crawley, West Sussex. UK
June 2011

Top Sussex folk band Touchstone perform their 20th consecutive concert at The Crawley Folk Festival on Saturday 25th June 2011. The line up for this gig was: Bonnie Flitney on lead vocals; Mark Orchin on guitars and vocals; Special Guest Chris Jewell on melodeon, fiddle, guitar and vocals; Marianne Hillier-Brook on drums and percussion; Rowena McArthur on flute and whistles; Val Will on fiddle and Steve Porritt on bass guitar and vocals. This 29 minute video shows off Touchstone’s wonderful musical ability and creativity both in their original Sussex historical songs and the way they portray them. Their audience was really enjoying being entertained and the band was obviously enjoying the occasion too. Well done Touchstone for being with this festival for 20 consecutive annual performances…we look forward to the 21st! Check out all of Touchstone’s news on their website www.allwoodmusic.co.uk