Y: Yard of Ale T in the Car Park 2nd January 2011
Aberdour, Fife, Scotland
January 2011

“Yard of Ale” are Scotland’s premier Folk ‘n Fun Band. They are Alistair McDougald on banjo, guitar, percussion and vocals; Colin Mackenzie on guitar, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica and vocals, and Peter Gillan on guitar, bass and vocals. Every year they perform ‘outside’ in the courtyard of The Aberdour Hotel, Aberdour, Fife, Scotland, on 2nd January from 2pm ’til 5pm. Usually it is bitterly cold and the fingers suffer…but in a masochistic way they always seem to pull through and give their audience a super show! This year was no exception. Good humour and banter accompany their vast repertoire and they always engage their audience well. Every year they invite special guests to add to their show. This year’s guests are Harveys Boys (Tim Kent and Barry Turner) who have been here before, likewise Ian Macfarlane. Their third guest is Heather Henderson making her first appearance. The Aberdour Hotel is owned by Scott and Iona Wilkinson and special thanks go to them and their staff in helping to make this annual event such a success. This is a 27 minute video of highlighgts of the whole afternoon…sit back and enjoy the show. Yard of Ale can be contacted through their official website which is at www.mcdougald.btinternet.co.uk