My Music Partners

TIM and IVOR (The Ferrets) circa 1989
Picture taken by Val Kent in an old freight wagon in Newhaven
The FERRETS B and W Publicity Pic 1989
IVOR and TIM (The Ferrets)
Another Ferrets publicity pic (taken by Val)
TIM and IVOR with third Ferret RICHARD circa 1989
THE FERRETS at Rochester Sweeps Folk Festival 1990
TIM and IVOR changed their stage name from The Ferrets to TWO AND A HAT in 1994
This was a publicity brochure we had done to send to Europe to get gigs…it worked!
The inner part of our advertising brochure…
TIM and IVOR off to Denmark 1991
IVOR and TIM playing on a Danish Ferry 1991
The Ferrets…post gig drink…well deserved. Cafe Therese, Romo, Denmark 1991
TWO AND A HAT with new Banner for Denmark 1993
IVOR AND TIM…TWO AND A HAT playing at Heiligenhaus town Festival, Germany circa 1994
Tim at Heiligenhaus…1994
Heiligenhaus, Germany…Two and a Hat from UK performing to a lovely audience. 1994
Tim on Dulcimer sings “The King”…Heiligenhaus, Germany 1994
IVOR AND TIM busking at Sidmouth Folk Festival 1990
Our friend Eva sits with us.
TWO AND A HAT playing at The Kings Head, Southwick 1996
TIM and IVOR play The Hampden Arms, South Heighton. 1996
Tim playing Dulcimer at Sidmouth Folk Festival…1990
Friend Paul is on melodion
TWO AND A HAT playing in Winsen, Germany 1997
Winsen gig for Tim and Ivor aka Two and a Hat 1997
Playing at The Cafe Therese, Romo, Denmark 1997
TIM and IVOR just returning from Denmark 1997
TWO AND A HAT publicity photo 1996
TWO AND A HAT playing the Irish Pub in Hamburg, Germany 1998
TIM and IVOR playing on the streets of Winsen, Germany 1998
Tim with Big Roger and Bing doing a gig at Mrs. Fitzherberts, Brighton 1999
My 50th at The Baker and Oven in Marylebone 1996
L to R: Ian, Sean, Me, Alan and Lenny
Another pic of my 50th.
Lenny, Alan, Tim and Big Barry at Louise’s party. 1998
TIM and SEAN at my 50th…we started singing together in 1975 in London.
Our Baker and Over publicity pic (done by Vicki) is in the background.
Tim and Sharon at my 50th party at The Baker and Oven
Tim on Dulcimer accompanies Dougal on Hurdygurdy at Sidmouth Folk Festival 1990
Tim with the one and only Alan Bond at Sidmouth Folk Festival 1990
Tim with Michael Karr (Hatted) and Big Barry playing at The Galley of Lorne, Ardfern, Argyll Hogmanay 1976
Tim and Ivor at a private Sussex party circa 1995
Tim and Richard kick off the Brighton Toy Museum Gig…23 October 1992
I organised 28 acts to share the evening and we raised £500 for the Toy Museum…super evening!
TWO AND A HAT memories.
FERRETS…memory pic…taken by Val.
James and Tim…aka THE HAT BAND
When Ivor left to live in Germany James stepped in for our gigs in Denmark
We stayed together for 17 years!
The Hat Band gigging at Blovand, Denmark circa 2000
Brighton-based Acapella group called “PRINTER’S MEASURE” circa 2000
We sang songs from the 13th , 14th and 15th centuries …run by Ian and Angie.
Tim as Producer of BBC Radio Sussex’s Folk Programme “Minstrel’s Gallery” circa 1992
Tim with chum Richard
Tim and Tim aka TNT Lewes circa 1997
TNT circa 1997
We swopped instruments for this publicity pic.
TNT gig at Ronnie’s Wine Bar, Lewes 1997
TNT…pic taken by Val
Gig pic of TNT
Good musical friends TNT 1997
TWO FOR THE ROAD…Tim and Bing circa 1998
Two for The Road play Middle Farm Apple Day circa 1998
Tim and Bing play a gig for Dudley’s 50th…
Sussex Yacht Club, Shoreham circa 1998
Richard and Tim…gigged together occasionally.
TIM and VINCE…aka The Smugglers …circa 1995
The Smugglers 1995
Tim and Vince…THE SMUGGLERS 1995

The Smugglers at Hamden Road, Brighton