Ardfern Argyll Forever
Tim Kent
Ardfern Argyll Forever

Working in London in the early 70s I had heard of a Laird up in Scotland who threw a famous party that lasted over a week!

Intrigued with my then flatmate Bill I drove nearly 500 miles up to the tiny village of Ardfern, on loch Craignish, 22 miles south of Oban. We stayed at The Galley of Lorne Inn and spent our first Hogmanay in a whirl of whisky, hot home-made soup, bagpipes, lovely women and a party which indeed went on for a week.

What a memorable time that was and the start of my returning there for the next umpteen years! Driving back to London and on leaving the Scottish town of Inverary written on the back of the town road sign were the words “Haste Ye Back” which at the time I thought were just so apt.

These three words formed the chorus to my song which has been sung up there with drams of whisky many times…Aye! Colin Lindsay McDougal, The Laird, is still there and is a lifelong friend.